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Community Support

This organization provides a multitude of free programs and such as supported mentoring, family connection events and workshops for families including special needs children and is based in Greenville, NC. Check out their website for more information and how to get in touch with this organization!  


A great resource to get ideas of seasonal things to do, camps your child can attend, information on special education and healthy activities!


In navigating this website, parents will find a variety of services and resources all dedicated towards fulfilling the organization's mission of "empowering people with disabilities to achieve their desired level of independence." A variety of services are offered by this organization, including computer classes, independent living skills classes, and peer support groups. Additionally, the organization hosts a youth group named L.A.S.E.R (Lighting the path to Advocacy, Support, Empowerment and Resources), which young adults aged 14-30 can attend. 


Look for opportunities and services that you need. This website provides a listing of all non-profit organizations in Pitt County. If this is not the area where you live, google non  profits in your location to learn what is available to you and your family.

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