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General Resources

If your child needs help moving around the community, explore the possibility of getting them an adaptive tryke! This is a great way to get them into the community and enjoying life with friends and family.              


A cancer diagnosis can be very difficult for a family to navigate. It can be especially difficult to tell your child that their loved one has terminal cancer. That said, there are many ways to support your children as they face the challenge of a sick loved one. Learn more about tips you can use when talking to your children about cancer.


Move United uses sports to push what's possible so everyone, regardless of ability, has equal access to sports and recreation in their community. Established in 1956, Move United is an Affiliate of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee.  


Have your child become involved in sports! What a great way to get them to establish healthy habits and gain friendships at the same time!


This is a magnificent worldwide event hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation focused on providing individuals 14 years of age and older the experience of a truly special prom night. Click on the title to sign up for the seventh annual Night to Shine event on February 12th, 2021. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all dance celebrations will be virtual.

Girls Dressed for School Dance

Easter Seals has been providing services to those with special needs and disabilities for almost 100 years! Put in your zip code for a local facility.

With families at the center of health care, all children and youth reach their full potential and health disparities are eliminated.

This site has a variety of resources that include services for children with OPWDD eligibility, mental health and wellness information, trainings, a legal resource fund, and more.


This free, e-magazine is a great resource for information regarding possible medical complexities or disabilities that children may experience. This resource has a variety of articles and blogs written by parents for other parents and allies.

Girl Reading and Laughing

Young Life is for all young people, wherever they live or whomever they are. We work with students from middle school to college and have specific ministries aimed at ensuring every kid feels a sense of belonging.

Listen for information on topics such as special education and inclusion, planning for your child's future, raising your child, and get some encouragement for your journey ahead!

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