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Self-Care Strategies

Daily Self Check-Ins

Establishing time every single day to have a mental self check-in can be very beneficial. These websites will guide you through the process of these mental check-ins. 

DIY Mental Health Checkup

5 Questions to Help Check In on Your Mental Health

Helpful Applications to Download


Headspace: free iPhone App focusing on guided meditation, workouts, music playlists, and sleep.

Calm: free iPhone/Android app focusing on meditation and breathing exercises, while including a Calm Kids section with meditation specifically for kids ages 3-17.

5 Mindfulness Apps Available on Android and IOS

Apps range from covering topics from relationships to sleep and mediation. 


Create a little space in your home that is yours to relax and possibly be creative! Self-expression is a great way to care for the self.


12 Fun Mindfulness activities to build into your day!

Self-Care Journaling 


As discussed on the previous page, journaling can have positive mental health benefits! The journaling information on this page focuses on promoting and prioritizing self-care. This area will be updated each week to provide users with a few journal prompts to consider during the quieter moments of the day. Journal prompts are created considering the busy schedules that often encompass our days. You have the freedom to complete these prompts in whatever way works best for you! To get started, just click on the attachment link provided below.

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